Trading department phase 2 report overview

 By Tung Mun Howe, Head of Trading Department


The portfolio of MUIF started with RM30,000. We have invested in 5 different stocks with an amount of RM15,000. It was divided among the following stocks such as Sapura Energy, Bumi Armada, Hibiscus, George Kent and Felda. The allocation of stock individual stock performance is shown in Chart 1. The target was to hit at least 5% for phase 2 which is RM750.

The portfolio surpassed both the target and the benchmark. It has produced a 29.16% return of investment and even surpassed the KLSE index which is 4% starting from the first day we placed our trade until the end of phase 2.



our   return




The team outperformed the benchmark by around   25.6 % .

Data is accurate as of April 2018. Do note that data changes daily.