At Monash University Investment Group, we are passionate about advocating investment literacy among youth.

Monash University Investment Group (MUIG) was established in September 2014, at Monash University Malaysia. MUIG offers a platform and various opportunities for students, who are interested in the areas of investment and finance, to share their investment knowledge with like-minded peers. MUIG is a stepping stone for students to build their careers in the banking industry. We bridge the gap between university and the corporate world by providing networking opportunities as well as offering training and classes for students to enhance their knowledge in finance and investment. MUIG adopts a holistic approach in cultivating not only the students' hard skills, such as investment, banking and finance knowledge, but also their soft skills, namely their leadership and interpersonal skills, through organised events and initiatives. This club is formed, developed and governed entirely by the students of Monash University Malaysia.

To promote financial literacy and investment knowledge amongst investment enthusiasts


To create networking opportunities and interactions between industry professionals and students


To empower students dedicated to pursuing a career in finance with skill sets valued in the industry


To provide an environment for members and analysts to continuously learn from one another



Monash University Investment Group Committees and Sub-Committees Term 2018