About our fund

The Monash University Investment Group have initiated a student-managed fund that commenced in the 2nd academic Semester of 2017. This fund is the first student fund in Malaysia and the first student fund with a shariah compliant sub-department in the world. Our fund utilises virtual money and funds currently and will transition into real money/funds once the target, requirements, and regulations have been met. This fund is fully run and managed by the students and members of the fund with access to participation for MUIG's student organisation partners. At the same time, internal and external advisors, brokers, auditors, legal advisors and analysts may be consulted at the discretion of the fund management team. In this fund, both fundamental analysis and technical analysis methods would be employed by the fund management team to manage the fund effectively and equitably. 

Fund Objectives

The main objective of the fund is to educate and train students on the workings of a fund. It also entails learning and applying financial and investing skills, concepts, and techniques to make informed trading and investing decisions. Portfolio performance would also be prioritised as much as possible but never at the expense of the students’ learning capacity and experience. The fund is managed similar to a professionally managed fund, hence it will provide an opportunity for the students to experience and cultivate the work environment of these funds. The fund will also help students gauge possible expectations and prepare them for employment/career prospect in a similar industry. (E.g. Investment and trading, fund management, investment banking, equity research, asset management) 

Fund Details & Composition

The investment portfolio would be in real life Malaysian stocks/equity (and may transition to other asset classes, from other countries, once the fund is sufficiently large and developed). The choice to diversify into other asset classes or markets would be at the discretion of the fund manager. The fund is made up of two main departments, that are the trading department and the investing department. The investing department is then further divided into two sub-departments, the shariah compliant department and the non-shariah compliant department. 

Organizational Structure

The management structure of the fund is similar to a professionally managed fund. The fund would be headed by two separate leads namely Head of Investing and Head of Trading with equal weights on all major fund decisions. The two main department heads will govern all the investing activities and all the trading activities respectively. Under the investing department, the senior analysts are in charge of the stock pitching and buy-side analysis. Similarly, for the trading department, the senior traders are in charge of the buy-side analysis based on the department's study of the charts. The senior analysts and senior traders are supported by a group of associates who would help to coordinate the junior analysts or traders. The junior analysts and junior traders would, in turn, help with conducting and compiling the research. The junior analysts and junior traders are guided by the senior analysts and senior traders.